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“Café con Leche”  7.
Salted caramel, espresso milk custard, chocolate tuile

Rum Cake  8.
Poached pineapple, salted caramel sauce, lime crema, coconut sorbet, candied spiced hazelnuts

Mole Mousse  8.
Brownie and shortbread crumbles, dark chocolate whipped ganache, chocolate praline, coffee meringues, raspberry coulis, pistachios, coffee and Bailey’s ice cream

Strawberry Pavlova  8.
Strawberries macerated in rose petal jam, blood orange curd, strawberry curd, pistachios, pistachio tuile

Chocolate Cake  8.
Chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, cocoa nib tuile, blood orange cremeux, guajillo powder, mezcal ice cream

Chocolate Ganache  8.
Passion fruit cremeux, dark chocolate whipped ganache, pistachios, pistachio tuile, chocolate praline, “pop rocks”, Chantilly cream

Key Lime Pie  8.
Toasted coconut, graham cracker crust, coconut gelée, candied lime zest

Sorbet Trio  8.
Raspberry champagne, coconut, and mango mint sorbets, with mango, coconut, and raspberry sauces, served with hazelnut praline

Caña de Cabra Cheese  7.
Spanish soft ripened goat’s milk cheese, strawberries and fennel, balsamic-port reduction, zucchini bread

Crème Brûlée de la Noche  7.