Cocktail Spotlight: Pink Unicorn

Pink Unicorn

Pink Unicorn

  • Pink peppercorn infused rum
  • Housemade honey vanilla infused syrup
  • Locally grown strawberry puree
  • Fresh citrus
  • Club soda
  • Tiny plastic unicorn (optional)

We take a single pink peppercorn (hence the name) and infuse our rum with a unique flavor to start off this original cocktail. Our housemade honey and vanilla infused syrup and strawberry puree made from locally grown fruit gives you a fresh, summer flavor. While this cocktail might sound a bit on the sweet side at first glance, the club soda and citrus make for an excellently balanced, refreshing summer beverage perfect for the end of your workday or weekend.

This seasonal cocktail is a summertime favorite at del Alma, and will only be on the menu while we still have access to the fresh strawberries from the local growers that the season affords us.

Check out the Corvallis Farmer’s Market every Saturday to get your own fresh, local produce.