Cocktail Spotlight: Spanish Martini

Spanish Martini

Spanish Martini

  • Mahon gin
  • Fino Sherry
  • Manuel Acha non-dry white vermouth
  • Splash of orange
  • Chorizo and piquillo pepper stuffed olive

This twist on the classic martini features Mahon gin, one of the only gins in the world to have it’s own appellation, or geographic designation. (The other of note being England’s Plymouth gin, which recently lost it’s geographic designation). Mahon gin is produced on the island of Menorca, Spain and is made with imported juniper berries and grape alcohol rather than the traditional grain found in most gins. You can read more about Mahon gin here:¬†

The Spanish martini also features a Spanish fino sherry and Manuel Acha non-dry white vermouth, also from Spain (

With a splash of orange bitters and garnished with some house made chorizo and piquillo pepper hand-stuffed green olives, this is a nicely balanced, easy to drink martini that features some amazing Spanish liquor and liqueurs.

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